ith the advances in smartphone technology, we are all used to having an abundance of latest news and endless information at our fingertips. So it comes as no surprise that the sale of newspapers has been on a steady decline, especially in the last 20 years. 

However, businesses and marketers are thinking of new and innovative ways to stand out and engage a new generation of broadsheet buyers and access a still huge market of readers. One of the glowing examples of innovation is the WebAR print-based experience created by development agency Aircards for the [nofollow]Golden Road Brewing print advertisement in the Los Angeles Times, to celebrate the L.A. Dodgers World Series win and promote an offer on the L.A. Dodgers Blonde Ale.

L.A. Dodgers

[nofollow]The Los Angeles Times is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country, established in 1881. The paper receives a daily readership of 1.3 million and 2 million on Sunday, more than 30 million unique latimes.com visitors monthly and a combined print and online local weekly audience of 4.6 million. 

So how do you stand out from the crowd and make your advertisement one that readers actually check out? Well, the Golden Road Brewing ad stands out from the start with its L.A. Dodgers logo and bright blue print which covers the entire page. A banner with “Raise a can to the champs” jumps out along with a graphic of the L.A. Dodgers Blonde Ale, brewed by Golden Road. Next to the can you see a large QR code, with instructions to “scan here to celebrate the Dodgers win, in Augmented Reality”. Now this is where it gets interesting... 

This is where the advertisement goes from just a page in a paper, to an engaging and interactive experience with Augmented Reality technology. For those who weren’t able to attend the game due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Golden Road Brewing wanted to bring the celebrations to their fans, so created a Web-based Augmented Reality face filter for fans to play with and share on social media. 

Four Smartphones LA Times

The filter was created with web-based Augmented Reality, the reader simply scans the QR code with their smartphone and a link will appear to start the experience, with no app to download. The face filter puts a L.A. Dodgers cap on the user and prompts them to “Tap To Celebrate!” Once tapped, a can of Dodgers Blonde Ale appears, opens and sprays beer. The crowd cheers and confetti in the shape of baseballs, the Dodgers logo and beer cans fall around the user. 

Fans can click to take a selfie to share on their social media platforms. The filter also features a “Redeem Rebate” button which takes users to an interactive Dodgers blue map, which directs users to the nearest bar or store that sells Dodgers Blonde Ale. To redeem a rebate, the link takes users to another site, mybeerrebate.com, to receive the promotional deal, where fans get a $7 rebate on a 15 pack of beer. 

The engaging experience was developed by Aircards, the Web AR Agency. Aircards are an industry leading WebAR agency, and are the team behind some of the most impressive Web-based Augmented Reality experiences of 2020. 

Augmented Reality is changing the way we connect with customers through print marketing. A 2D image transforms into a 3D interactive experience as a video jumps off the page and into the world around the reader.  It’s exciting, it’s fun, and most importantly, it’s memorable. Readers won’t forget the experience, and they won’t forget your brand.

Nov 3, 2020
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