escribed as ‘the analytics platform purpose-built for the Metaverse’, Metalitix™ is a suite of data collection and visualization tools for XR and 3D experiences, packaged up into one of the most advanced Spatial Analytics tools ever built.

With the exponential rise in immersive experiences on the web, there has been a clear need for creators, developers and agencies to achieve a higher level of insight than traditional 2D analytics platforms are able to provide. 

Metalitix™ provides a detailed understanding of user behaviour & engagement within 3D and immersive environments. In other words, truly understanding how users are exploring the Metaverse. This means that 3D scenes can now have the same level of analytical insights as websites have with platforms like Google Analytics.

The platform is compatible across a wide range of platforms, including Three.js, AFrame, Decentraland, 8th Wall, Unity, Unreal Engine & more. If you'd like to learn more about any of the current platform compatibility or Decentraland analytics, you can learn more on the Metalitix blog. Metalitix integration is simple, requiring only a few lines of code. Advanced users may integrate the Metalitix API to collect custom data fields throughout their 3D experience.

Key platform features include:

  • Aggregated User Position - Use Heat Maps to analyse high and low traffic locations in your 3D environment and optimise accordingly
  • User Journey Recordings - Track individual user journeys through your 3D environments - see what they see
  • Data-logging API - Use our spatial analytics API to collect data from any platform that supports the HTTP POST method
  • Customizable Metrics - Track your own, custom values to drill down on deep-level insights

Metalitix™ is currently open for sign-ups to a Closed Beta program which will launch in late November 2022. Developers and organisations who are interested in participating are encouraged to visit metalitix.com and register via an online form.

Nov 18, 2022
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