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Snap and Inspirit Forge a Transformative Partnership, Unleashing 25 Augmented Reality Experiences to Revolutionise STEM Education Nationwide

Inspirit and Snap are joining forces to revolutionise STEM education with 25 cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experiences. The initiative, set to launch in fall 2024, aims to enhance STEM learning through immersive and flexible environments, breaking geographical constraints.
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Revolutionising Pediatric Healthcare: Augmented and Virtual Reality Playkit Eases MRI Anxiety in Children

Getting kids ready for an MRI scan can be a nerve-wracking experience, but a novel approach using a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) playkit is showing promising results, according to early findings in the journal BMJ Innovations. Currently, children often need general anaesthesia during MRI scans due to the requirement to stay perfectly still in the noisy environment of the MRI tunnel. However, this newly designed playkit aims to alleviate the need for sedation.

AT&T and Gallaudet Revolutionise Football with 5G Augmented Reality Helmet for Deaf Players

Gallaudet University, known for educating the deaf and hard-of-hearing, is testing a cutting-edge football helmet in collaboration with AT&T. The helmet leverages 5G connectivity to visually signal plays to athletes in real-time, leveling the playing field for deaf players who often struggle to receive coach instructions.
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Snap and the Louvre Partner for Egypt Augmented: A Journey into Ancient Masterpieces with Augmented Reality

Snap, the brains behind Snapchat, has teamed up with the Louvre to bring you Egypt Augmented - an exciting way to explore the museum's iconic Egyptian artifacts using augmented reality (A.R.).
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Google Expands Augmented Reality Beauty Features to Mobile Browsers, Enhancing Shopping Experience

Google is making its augmented reality (AR) beauty features more accessible to shoppers by introducing them to mobile browsers.
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Enchanting Augmented Reality Trail Unveiled at Hillsborough Forest: A New World of Interactive Sculptures

Ireland's debut augmented reality digital trail has been unveiled at Hillsborough Forest, following a £1 million investment. This innovative trail features ten sculptures created by seven artists, some towering up to 25 feet in height, brought to life through the Hillsborough app.
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Xreal Unveils Lightweight AR Glasses: A User-Friendly Leap into Augmented Reality

Chinese AR company, Xreal, has unveiled its latest-generation AR glasses, the Xreal Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Pro, offering lightweight and user-friendly options for consumers.
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US Regulators Give Green Light to Google, Apple, and Meta for 6GHz Spectrum

Google, Apple, and Meta have secured the green light from US regulators to tap into a spectrum band, marking a significant move toward the emergence of new mobile virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) devices.