intendo has rolled out a recent update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the mobile alternative to Nintendo’s popular social simulator, introducing two brand new Augmented Reality features which marries the Animal Crossing world with the real one. 

Animal Crossing

The latest Augmented Reality features are now available with a free update on iOS and Android devices. The AR camera mode allows players to select characters and furniture and place them in the real world around them. 

Players can even get a photo alongside their digital avatar and share the awesome pictures on social media. The second of the Augmented Reality features is AR Cabin, which allows players to create a customised Cabin in AR and decorate it with various items and furniture. Players can then move around and view their cabins from a variety of angles. 

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

While the new Augmented Reality features are a fun and interactive update for those playing on a current gen smartphone device, the recent update has raised the game's minimum system requirements, leaving players with older gen devices in the dust and unable to play. According to an official support document, Pocket Camp’s minimum requirements have shifted from iOS 9 to iOS 11; the ideal operating system being iOS 13 and above. Android users will require a 64-bit device with at least 1.5GB of RAM running Android 5.

Nintendo: Animal Crossing

The Nintendo support document stated:

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cannot be downloaded or played on devices that are no longer supported… In certain cases, some devices may not be supported even when they meet the conditions listed.”

Animal Crossing Moile App

Players who are fortunate enough to have the latest smartphones are raving about the Augmented Reality update, however, those who are now left unable to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, have taken to social media to vocalise their upset. 

Nov 24, 2020
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