sgardia is the First Space Nation, a unique international community of forward-looking people, a digital state with its own transparent economy focused on scientific progress on Earth and in space. Asgardia has recently announced the launch of it’s own augmented reality app, which is able to be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Once inside the app, users are able to explore Asgardia National Ark using the augmented reality technology. Users will find themselves inside the Ark, where the Space Nation of Asgardia plans to live and work, which is orbiting the Earth.

Users are able to visit the habitation module, the space home of Asgardians, and the Science Centre, where the scientists are preparing the environment for a baby to be born in space, as well as conducting other important research. Interactive buttons enable the user to become acquainted with the Asgardian Parliament’s meetings and the Head of the Space Nation’s life. Intuitive controls make the user’s flight inside the Ark smooth, easy and entertaining. Users are able to change the projection size.

Aug 6, 2021
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