th Wall’s latest AR Engine update, Release 17, has dramatically improved the map accuracy of the [nofollow]8th Wall SLAM system, enabling developers to create WebAR Portals which feel even more realistic and gives users even more freedom to move around and explore the AR world. 

Portal Principles to Consider

In addition to developing WebAR Portal using the latest 8th Wall Engine release, 8th Wall released a few tips to make developing portals even more powerful. 

Your Portal Door is Your First Impression

The portal door is the first thing users will interact with and sets the tone for the whole experience. Develop an imaginative entryway for the experience by incorporating video textures and animations. 

Spaces Are Meant to Be Filled

Users expect to be teleported to a world scale environment when entering a WebAR Portal. Take advantage of the space by incorporating 360-degree video, sky boxes, 3D models, chroma key videos and PNGs.

Portals Can Be A Door to Many Worlds

Increase the complexity of your WebAR Portal and extend the experience for your user by linking multiple WebAR Portal destinations together to create a multi-verse experience.

Want to see more WebAR Portals created on 8th Wall? Check out these commercial experiences created for top brands by Aircards, an 8th Wall Premium Partner.

Aug 2, 2021
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