tudents often depend on job fairs to explore their options and network, but COVID-19 has put a stop to live events across the world. But that doesn’t mean students have to be left in the lurch. Augmented Reality live events are reviving job fairs, trade shows, and conventions. With the latest technology, a careers fair can be delivered straight to students everywhere. 

Pot Noodle, a popular brand of instant snack foods, sponsored a Virtual Alternative Careers Fair in partnership with Gradbay. GradBay is an online career finding service that caters to graduates and businesses looking for fresh talent. Putting Aircards on the job, Pot Noodle and Gradbay launched an Augmented Reality Careers Fair that took students through a fun and informative experience.

Augmented Reality Careers Fair

The Augmented Reality Careers Fair showcases custom-designed 3D booths to promote different companies looking to hire graduates, including GradBay, VitaCoco, FruitLab, and more. Accessible through any iOS or Android device, the students can tour the careers fair in their own environment. Each booth offers its own brand experience with click-able videos, information, and a call-to-action to apply for available positions. 

The fully interactive virtual experience included other fun elements, like an animated DJ booth. With music playing, helpful info, and career opportunities at their fingertips, students never felt more comfortable and had more fun than they expected. Both eager businesses and graduates were able to connect despite this time of social isolation.

Augmented Reality Live Events

Job fairs are not the only live events that are jumping at the opportunity to host augmented reality events. Conventions, trade shows, public speakers, and more are adapting during these uncertain times to reach a bigger audience than ever before. After all, they can bring the experience to anyone, anywhere. They are not restricted to the confines of an exhibit hall. Dell Technologies Augmented certainly expanded their reach with their Augmented Reality Trade Show Booth.

The Augmented Reality live events use web-based Augmented Reality (Web AR) that does not require an app. With no downloads required, users simply point their device at a custom augmented reality QR code or click a delivered link. The experience then automatically comes to life through their device’s screen. It is extremely user-friendly and results in unprecedented open rates, engagement, and click-through rates.

The technology knows no bounds when it comes to what kind of events it can create. Public speakers can present on a virtual stage of their own design, augmented reality trade show booths can look like portals to another world, or a careers fair can land from outer space into a person’s environment. Augmented Reality live events are fun, innovative, and garner a lot of attention. 

Alternatives to Live Events

If your event has been cancelled due to COVID-19, don’t give up. You don’t have to surrender the opportunity to connect with your audience. Instead, take advantage of the situation to leave a lasting impression with an Augmented Reality Live Event.

Jun 8, 2020
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