n innovative new go-karting track is popping up in East London this summer and it's like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Chaos Karts, utilise augmented reality technology which projects scenery and power-ups onto the track which drivers can interact with as they zoom around the track. 

The extra addition of augmented reality will have drivers believing they’re in a video game,  like those frequented by a certain Italian plumber and his pals.From the people who brought Crystal Maze to the masses, Chaos Karts will be located on Fleet Street Hill in Shoreditch, just minutes walk from Brick Lane.

Go-kart drivers can take advantage of the power-ups and ‘weapons’ that appear virtually on the track. Drivers can even send challenges to fellow racers to spice up the game. With 20,000 square feet of space, there are endless AR ‘realities’ for drivers to experience. The creators also claim it’s safer than traditional karting due to ‘anti-collision technology’, where the power cuts out in the cars if drivers are about to hit each other.

augmented reality go kart london

Founder of Chaos Karts, Tom Lionetti-Maguire stated: 

“Creating a real-life version of a video game has been an obsession for some time and we are delighted to have cracked it. ‘We got it to the proof-of-concept stage at the end of last year and we were offered the money straight away. It is a video game turned into real life – there really is nothing else like it. ‘This makes normal go karting look like the Flintstones. Every time you play it, the adrenaline, the pure elation of it… it still surprises me every time.”

He continued:

“As it is played in small groups, it is Covid compliant. So it is perfect to open in these conditions. I think of it as the phoenix from the ashes. It is proof that going out is coming back to London. ‘I think Londoners are desperate to go out and do something totally different.  And opening in time for a summer of fun that we so desperately deserve, is frankly a dream come true.”

Chaos Karts opens to the public on August 14, and tickets went live May 18, costing £30 each.

May 19, 2021
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