he most trusted provider of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software, [nofollow]Cority, has recently announced a partnership with [nofollow]Interaptix, provider of augmented reality solutions for the industrial workforce, to strengthen worker safety by providing real-time, contextually relevant health, safety, and environmental information to enable rapid and effective decision-making to reduce risk.

CEO of Interaptix, Bardia Bina, stated:

‚ÄúAR technology has the potential to reshape how industrial companies can provide even more protection to their employees with real-time data‚Ķ Together with Cority, we make it easier for EHS practitioners to create a safer, more productive work environment.‚ÄĚ

A challenge faced by many businesses is relaying prompt, meaningful EHS data to teams to guide point-in-time decisions to manage risk and enhance productivity. By leveraging Interaptix’s flagship Spatial AR platform, organisations can display virtual notifications in a physical 3D work environment to help identify known hazards linked to real-world coordinates and tracked assets. 

Using a smartphone device or AR headset, front-line workers can easily see displayed notifications overlaid onto a work area, helping to increase hazard awareness, and provide real-time contextualised information to guide pre-task planning and risk assessment, while cataloging issues for corrective action. 

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Placing alerts within an augmented environment effectively eliminates paper-based inspection processes, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures hazard information is immediately shared with workers to help reduce the risk of workplace harm.

Interaptix has worked with large manufacturers across North America to provide real-time information directly into AR headsets and mobile devices to support assembly processes, and pilot programs are currently underway with Cority and Interaptix clients to accelerate connected worker safety.

Cority’s Director of Product Management, Eric Bradnam, concluded: 

‚ÄúCority is ahead of the curve by partnering with Interaptix to drive the adoption of augmented reality into the EHSQ 4.0 space‚Ķ We‚Äôre proud to work together to integrate contextualised, real-time health, safety, and environmental data into our industry-leading platform to lessen employees‚Äô risk exposure at work. We see AR as an integral element to the future of workplace safety.‚ÄĚ
Sep 9, 2020
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