ational Geographic has developed a new Augmented Reality experience on Instagram, which allows users to place real life sized dinosaurs in their own home. 

Inspired by the National Geographic magazine’s ‘Reimagining Dinosaurs’ cover story, three Augmented Reality experiences were created with interesting facts about the beasts. First the Spinosaurus and how they lived largely underwater, how the Deinonychus raised eggs like modern-day birds and how the winged Yi qi could glide.

Users are also able to select the selfie mode and share snaps and videos of themselves with the dinosaurs.

The Augmented Reality experience was developed on Instagram’s Spark AR platform, users of Instagram do not have to be following the @natgeo page to interact with the Augmented Reality dinosaurs.

To try out the Nat Geo dinosaur AR experience simply open Instagram, swipe left on the homepage to access the Instagram camera. Swipe right on the filters until you land on ‘Browse Effects” then search NatGeo or Deinonychus, Spinosaurus, or Yi qi. Alternatively if you go to the @natgeo Instagram page the filters are saved to their highlights. 

Once the filter has been selected, users will be invited to tap on a flat surface to bring the dinosaurs to life. The size of the dinosaurs can be adjusted to fit into a space by using a six-foot-tall human silhouette for scale. A voice over and text bubble will appear from the  author Michael Greshko who will talk through key recent discoveries.

When users flip the camera to selfie mode, users will come face to face with the dinosaur, who will mimic the user opening and closing their mouth as well as copying head movements. Users are encouraged to tape a selfie or record a clip to share on their Instagram stories. 

This is the third Augmented Reality filter that Nat Geo has released on Instagram

This is National Geographic’s third AR experience. To see the others, search for Everest AR and The World in 2070.

Nov 29, 2020

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