he Christmas holidays are approaching, and what says “It’s Christmas!” more than Coca-Cola’s iconic red truck coming into town. However, this year looks very different from previous years due to the pandemic and with events cancelling and social distancing rules in place, the Coke Caravan has been cancelled this year. 

MRM Romania took matters into their own hands, the company believes that magic should have no restrictions and brought the Coca-Cola truck to life with Augmented Reality technology

Coca Cola Christmas Truck AR

Now anyone with an Instagram account and a pinch of imagination can see the iconic truck anywhere, from their own street or even inside their home. 

Once users place the truck in their desired location, users can play Christmas music, honk the truck’s horn, light it up or make confetti pop!

Around the country scannable stickers were scattered around gas stations, when drivers scanned the sticker, they were able to decorate their car with magical Augmented Reality technology. One feature allows users to transform every car into the Coca-Cola truck, spreading Christmas spirit to those who try it. 

Nov 25, 2020
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