ispelix and OQmented has formed a strategic partnership for the development and commercialisation of Dispelix LBS waveguides and OQmented LBS MEMS solutions. The partnership’s initial focus is to jointly develop high performance laser beam scanning solutions for Augmented Reality applications.

[nofollow]Dispelix, the world leader in Waveguide Displays for Augmented Reality Eyewear, and [nofollow]OQmented, the global leader in developing high performance MEMS mirror-based ultra compact projectors, have joined forces to collaborate on a project to develop and commercialise MEMS-based laser beam scanning (LBS) technology. OQmented LBS MEMS technology contributes unmatched performance and is noted to be exceptionally compatible with Dispelix’s LBS waveguides for top-notch AR applications.

The partnership represents exciting developments for Dispelix and aligns well with their strategic plan to collaborate, partner, create, build and grow effective compelling LBS-based solutions. 

CEO at Dispelix, Antti Sunnari stated:

“Our goal in working with OQmented is to share expertise and deep knowledge of LBS technologies with a vision to continue the innovation of LBS in Augmented Reality... This development, along with the others announced earlier in the year, continues to position Dispelix extremely well along with OQmented,” 

The two companies are also members of the LaSAR Alliance that was launched just a few weeks ago. It was formed to accelerate the development of Augmented Reality eyewear applications. 

CEO/CFO and co-founder of OQmented, Thomas von Wantoch commented:

“Creating truly positive AR experiences requires close partnerships also on the level of tech partners. We are excited to team up with Dispelix for advancing the contribution of LBS technology to that regard. This is a great opportunity to achieve outstanding results for the application of MEMS-based laser scanners.”
May 26, 2021
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