stee Lauder has developed a Snapchat augmented reality experience that brings to life its new perfume packaging.

The company has selected four scents from the latest autumn fragrance collection for the experience, devising immersive scenes built around Tender Light, Sensuous Stars, Dream Dusk and Infinite Sky, where users are able to swipe up to buy.

Instead of daubing a sample on your wrist for a hesitant sniff, users will be treated to a description of each fragrance, inviting potential customers to imagine the olfactory qualities and supposed mood-enhancing properties of each scent.

When the filter is selected, four bottles magically appear in front of the user, inviting users to select their desired bottle. Dream Dusk for instance invites you to ÔÇśfeel upliftedÔÇÖ through ambient music set to a soft-focus pastel-tinted lakeshore with rose petals gently falling all around.

Marketing Director Est├ęe Lauder UK & Ireland, Nicola Casey stated:

ÔÇťAugmented reality has proven to be a successful strategy for Est├ęe Lauder to engage with gen Z and millennials, who are both willing to experiment with, and then purchase, beauty and fragrance products through Snapchat ÔÇô with engagement results exceeding platform benchmarks. We love this latest campaign that creates a truly innovative and immersive experience for the user, transporting them to a world where they can experience the emotions of each hero fragrance.ÔÇŁ
Oct 14, 2021
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