-commerce site Etsy, a specialist in vintage and craft items, is experimenting in the digital domain with an interactive augmented reality show home populated entirely by curated products.

The Etsy House allows shoppers to explore the virtual environment at their leisure while viewing the products around them to get an enhanced idea of how the products fit into a home environment.

Utilizing photorealistic rendering and life-size scale, the interactive experience employs intuitive navigation and 360° environments to transport potential customers for the ultimate in window shopping.

Etsy Experiments With Virtual Shopping Interactive AR Show Home

The all digital Etsy House is filled with holiday decor and gift ideas as well as featuring bespoke furniture and artwork – there are also a few Easter Eggs for the inquisitive.

In a blog post, Etsy’s Jessica Doyle wrote: 

“Do you ever find yourself on Etsy admiring a beautiful piece of artwork, a statement light fixture or some bespoke furniture and wonder what it would look like in your home? Now you won’t have to, thanks to The Etsy House – the first-ever interactive, augmented-reality experience that allows shoppers to ‘walk through’ a digital home filled with curated Etsy items.”
Etsy Experiments With Virtual Shopping Interactive AR Show Home

The Etsy House is a fully shoppable digital experience which will reduce transaction friction to a minimum. Product information and purchase links appear as soon as shoppers hover over the active item.

Etsy’s augmented reality experiment follows a more traditional television advertisement, which highlights the independent makers and craftspeople behind the products to connect with viewers.

Oct 1, 2021
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