ucci has delved into the world of virtual footwear, the company has created a luxury pair of exclusively digital sneakers called The Gucci Virtual 25. The virtual sneakers can be “worn” in augmented reality or used in partnered apps including Roblox and VRChat. 

In comparison to your real Gucci sneakers, the digital version is a lot easier on your bank balance. Those searching for the perfect digital sneakers can purchase the Virtual 25s from Gucci’s app for $12.99, or $8.99 in the Wanna Kicks AR sneaker app.

The Gucci Virtual 25 sneakers were designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The sneakers feature a chunky, neon green and pink look, certainly made for those who look to stand out from the crowd. It is apparent that they are appropriately over-the-top for something that will never exist in real life. In true Gucci fashion, the sneakers bear the  iconic “GC” logo; in this case, it’s on the sole of the shoe and the inflatable tongue.

The sneakers were created in partnership with Wanna Kicks, a virtual sneaker try on platform. The Gucci Virtual 25s are now being sold in the Wanna Kicks apps for $8.99, however, if you wish to receive the downloadable version to show off the sneakers in other apps like Roblox or VRChat, you’ll have to purchase them for $12.99 directly from the Gucci app. 

The desire for digital collectables is increasing, especially due to the growing popularity of NFTs, and while there’s no blockchain involved, Gucci’s sneakers have one over on most NFTs: they’re not just a token representing ownership; they can actually be used, well, in the digital world.

Mar 23, 2021
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