TC has recently unveiled the Vive Pro 2, a new and updated version of the company’s high end virtual reality headset, which now feature a host of small but powerful improvements.

HTC Unveils New Vive Pro 2 VR Headset

The most notable improvement is the new display, which now offers 5K resolution (or 2448 × 2448 pixels per eye), 120Hz refresh rate, and a 120-degree field of view. This is a major upgrade from the original Vive Pro, released in 2018, which had a 2880 x 1600 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and 110-degree field of view. 

HTC Unveils New Vive Pro 2 VR Headset

The new Vive Pro 2 supports Display Stream Compression, or DSC, a first in a VR headset. DSC is a visually lossless standard most frequently seen in high-end monitors.

As a result of the new technologies implemented, HTC stated that the meshed lines noticeable in many older VR headsets, commonly known as the screen door effect, have been ‘virtually eliminated’ and that the new Vive Pro 2 comes with ‘minimal motion blur’. 

HTC VR Headset

As well as the upgrades to the display, the Vive Pro 2 features adjustable straps, quick-adjust sizing dials, and adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD). The integrated headphones are Hi-Res Audio Certified with 3D spatial sound, and the headset also works with third-party headphones. 

Vive Pro 2

The new Vive Pro 2 will also work with all Vive SteamVR accessories, including Vive trackers, the new Vive Facial Tracker, and any SteamVR controllers and other accessories.

Due to the enhancements, the new Vive Pro 2 is more compact and sleeker than the original model, however the dimensions and weight have not been revealed yet. 

HTC Unveils New Vive Pro 2 VR Headset

HTC are running a special offer during the pre-order period for owners of the original Vive Pro selling the headset on its own without controllers or external trackers) for $749. Once the special offer ends the price for a standalone headset will be $799. A fully kitted-out Pro 2, including Base Station 2.0 and controllers, will be available to buy from June 4th for $1,399.

May 17, 2021
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