anufacturing company Infineon is developing their own technology for augmented reality. Infineon have developed a micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) or, put simply, a microscanner that sits on the temple of glasses or on a dashboard in a car and projects image content into the eye by laser.

In the future, the company hopes that it will be possible to use a complete windshield as a head-up display, for example by displaying a larger navigation map. So far, head-up displays have only shown data on a small part above the dashboard.

The microscanner that Infineon has developed requires significantly less space than previous head-up display technology. Infineon therefore also wants to offer it for conventional glasses. The MOEMS is attached to the temple and the laser is reflected into the eye via the lens. In the car, the windshield takes over the reflection.

In the microscanner itself, there is a single pivoting mirror that determines the position of the information displayed. It moves on two axes, for example to compensate for vibrations when driving and thus avoid tremors. MOEMS themselves have hardly any computing power, so they are primarily suitable for displaying information, but not for complex simulations using augmented reality. They hardly need any energy for this, so they can be operated for a long time with compact batteries.

The company aims to have their augmented reality systems market ready by 2023. Competitor Bosch has been offering microscanners for years, partly also with marketing for augmented reality. 

Aug 11, 2021
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