he Unreal City exhibition, held in London, is the largest public augmented reality festival in the UK. The event was held from December 8 to January 5, but due to the stricter lockdown restrictions in the UK, the event has been extended for another month until February 9 to allow for art lovers to see the exhibition. To make the experience even better, art lovers can see the works from the safety of their living room.

Dazed Media and Acute Art made the announcement this week as well as informing fans of the exhibition that it will be available to view through smartphones via the free Acute Art app.

While many of the virtual exhibitions were positioned in locations between the Waterloo and Millennium Bridges along London’s south bank, art lovers can now view the sculptures from any destination, even the comfort of their own home.

In addition to this, the exhibition was originally focused on attendees in the UK, however, with the latest updates it can now be seen by art lovers around the world.

Dazed Media’s Ahmad Swaid said in a statement

“Augmented reality really democratizes the way people can experience art—you can enjoy the works over and over again but also within entirely new worlds changing and shaping the meaning and how one might respond to these sculptures… You’re not only a participator but you’re a curator too.”

The Unreal City exhibition is made up of 36 augmented reality works of art from artists across the world, including new pieces from Tomás Saraceno, KAWS and Bjarne Melgaard.

Jan 14, 2021
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