layers of the mobile augmented reality version of the Minecraft game only have a few months left to play until the game is shut down for good.

The mobile AR game launched just over a year ago, developed by gaming studio Mojang. Minecraft Earth was designed as a co-op game where players could move around, specifically outdoors. With the stay at home order, the developers made an effort to adapt the game so it was more playable from home. However, despite efforts made by Mojang, it wasn’t enough to save the title; and so, the game will officially shut down on June 30 2021, with it already being removed from various download platforms.

Minecraft AR Game

However, the game is making one last major update before it is removed, hoping to give players an enhanced experience while they still can, making it as ‚ÄúFun as possible‚ÄĚ in its last months. Some of the updates include the removal of in-game transactions with real money as well as the reduced time it takes to build items.

Once the game is removed from the server, all player data will be permanently deleted. For players that have invested money on the Minecraft Earth game, they will have an opportunity to download the Bedrock version of Minecraft for free on their smartphone devices.

Jan 6, 2021
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