new cross-border company, Ulster Touring Opera, has just launched and is based in Belfast Ireland. The company’s aim is to bring world class performances of famous works to audiences in the nine countries which collectively make up the region of Ulster. 

Ulster Touring Opera’s first staged opera will be Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” which plans to start its tour in 2021. The company also plans to use Augmented Reality technology to bring the opera to people’s homes. To do this, the UTO has partnered with companies such as Sentireal and Volograms to develop and create the Augmented Reality Opera Project which gives viewers a different perspective into Don Giovanni’s final moments through their smartphone or tablet device.

Baritone Ross Ramgobin will play the title role, alongside Northern Irish bass Alan Ewing as the Commendatore. Cast members will work with Artistic Director Dafydd Hall Williams to record film in one of the world's few 3D studios and create the virtual holograms (volograms) of the set and characters. These volograms will let you become a character in the scene, moving around the performers and witnessing Don Giovanni’s final hair-raising moments. 

The project was made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Future Screens NI and Digital Catapult.

Williams writes:

Thanks to the support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, we will be able to bring world-class opera to people’s doorsteps across Ulster… From Letterkenny to Armagh and from Cavan to Newtownabbey we will work tirelessly to bring the beauty of opera back into people’s lives at this challenging time. We’re also thrilled to be working with Sentireal and Volograms to explore how cutting-edge immersive technology can help us find and reach the audiences of the future. The magical power of opera will inspire audiences and artists of the future – by bringing opera home.”

Oct 7, 2020
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