ircards creates the NICEverse, a highly innovative WebXR gaming platform for NICE, a leading global software company.

The NICEverse was created as an employee engagement platform, enabling over 7,500 NICE employees to authenticate and login securely to compete in a variety of Web-based Mixed Reality mini-game experiences.

The platform featured 6 unique WebXR powered mini-games, including timed puzzle games, scavenger hunts, asteroid avoidance and platform games. The players could play Single player or invite up to 3 friends to their lobby and play in Multiplayer mode. In addition, it also featured both Practice or Qualifying modes, with the latter counting towards their official score on the global leader board. The top NICEverse players at the end of competition were rewarded with an amazing family trip to Disneyland.

Adin Gold, CTO at Aircards, said,

ÔÇťThe NICEverse competition pushed the limits of WebXR with features such as user authentication, real-time multiplayer, leader board functionality and an inline AR integration that allowed six immersive games to run performantly on a single webpage.ÔÇŁ

This use of AR iFrames was highly innovative, enabling us to embed multiple AR minigames in a single page web-app.

The NICEverse campaign was an outstanding success. Over 60% of all NICE employees registered to compete on the platform, which was the highest employee participation rate they have ever registered in all of their previous annual competitions.

Nir Keinan, VP Human Resources at NICE, said,

ÔÇťWe couldnÔÇÖt have asked for a better partner than Aircards to design, build and lead the NICEverse campaign. The Aircards team was super creative, highly responsive, fun to work with, and committed to delivering on time. All these led to an extraordinary success.ÔÇŁ
Augmented Reality Campaign

See also some of these amazing gameplay statistics:

  • Over 11 minutes average session duration
  • 251,045 game missions played
  • Over 60 game missions played by each user on average
  • 7,745 social media shares

These performance statistics set new records for Web-based Mixed Reality gameplay. The NICEverse was powered by 8th Wall, the market leading technology framework for Web-based Mixed Reality.

Jun 29, 2022
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