infinity, who launched in April this year, create augmented reality collectible enamel pins that bring your favorite fandoms to life with animation, sound, and interactive experiences.

[nofollow]Pinfinity is revolutionizing the world of pins and pin collecting through their patent-pending augmented reality platform which enables pins to come alive with animation, sound, and other interactive elements through their free mobile app. 

Founded by a team of experienced professionals with over $1 billion dollars in licensed direct to consumer product sales, and by partnering with the top brands in pop culture and entertainment like Hasbro, Henson Studios, CAPCOM, and others. Their mission is to develop the world’s greatest pin collecting community through exciting products and exceptional service, uniting the world in the shared celebration of fandom.

Augmented reality enamel pins
Image Credit: Pinfinity

Pinfinity Augmented Reality Pins 

Pinfinity pins start as high quality, hard enamel pins that then come alive with animation, sound, and interactive elements after being scanned with the free Pinfinity app.

Pinfinity pins feature top franchises in fandom and include Hasbro (Transformers, My Little Pony, Power Rangers, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, G.I. Joe), Bethesda (Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout), Henson Studios (Fraggle Rock, Farscape, The Dark Crystal) and more. New licenses are frequently added and the company plans to expand their offering in the near future.

Pinfinity+ Subscription Service 

The company has also created Pinfinty+, a membership offering that develops subscriptions that feature exclusive products, exciting perks, and a collector community centered around popular interests like anime, gaming, and more. Their first subscription, Pinfinity+ Gaming, focusing on celebrating popular franchises in the video games and will feature 2 exclusive, highly desirable collectible pins every month from partners like CAPCOM (Street Fighter), Tetris, Bethesda (Fallout, Doom, Elder Scrolls), Bandai-Namco (Pac-Man), and many more. 

Augmented reality enamel pins
Image Credit: Pinfinity

Pinfinity Platform

Pinfinty’s technology platform allows for rapid prototyping and product development in a single environment that allows both creative and engineering resources to uniquely enable the company to go from launching a licensing partnership to having products in the hands of fans in under 90 days.

Sep 25, 2020
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