ugmented reality hardware manufacturer Rokid, has recently launched a Kickstarter, crowd funding for the company’s Rokid Air glasses, hitting its $20,000 USD goal in under an hour.

The Rokid Air looks extremely similar to the Rokid Vision 2 design which was unveiled during CES 2021 back in January. The Rokid Air is going to be the company’s first serious attempt to break into the consumer market with a device under $500. The Rokid Air is packed with a 4K display which provides a 120” virtual screen, the device also features built-in voice control, mic and speaker, and adjustable focus. All weighing in at a lightweight 90g.

Rokid Launches 4K AR Glasses Kickstarter And Is Already Completely Funded

The Rokid Air is tethered to a smartphone to enable users to access apps, play games and watch videos on the large virtual screen. Due to the cable there is no need for batteries to charge the device, making the Rokid Air lightweight for the wearer. A new and unique feature of the Rokid Air is the adjustable focus, allowing nearsighted users (myopia of -5.00 D or less) to use the headset without their glasses or contact lenses.

Unlike the more advanced Rokid Vision 2 or some other rivals, the Rokid Air doesn’t feature any tracking capabilities such as being able to tell where you are in a physical space or detecting your hands. It’s all about replicating what’s on your phone, making it bigger and easier to read and work with on a daily basis.

Rokid Launches 4K AR Glasses Kickstarter

Rokid CEO, Zhu Mingming, wrote in a statement:

“Nothing beats taking games and movies from the small screens of mobile devices to an ultra-high-definition massive virtual screen. Our latest 4K AR glasses give users a lightweight, portable, and private personal cinema experience that is unparalleled. The images are simply stunning. However, with Rokid Air, we went one step further, empowering the glasses with AI-driven voice recognition that lets users take control while staying hands-free. Now, the 4K big screen experience is more convenient than ever,” 

The Kickstarter is part of Rokid’s promotional efforts that tie in with some Early Bird deals, the Rokid Air will retail for $499, however, at the moment the company is running a Super Early Bird promotion which consumers can purchase for $319 and an Early Bird promotion for $339. Currently, the estimated delivery should take place in November 2021.

Jul 21, 2021
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