oogle has developed a new AR lens within the Snapchat app. The AR experience is an innovative interpretation of Google’s ‘Year In Search’ trends overview.

The Google Lens allows users to look back over a collection of images representing the main events from 2020. The images can be selected to further explore that specific event.

When discussing the Google Lens, Snapchat explained:

"As 2020 comes to an end, Snap and Google have partnered to bring Google’s iconic “Year in Search” story to life with an immersive augmented reality experience.This marks the first time Google’s “Year in Search” has been brought to life in AR, and the campaign’s debut on Snapchat."
Snapchat four phones

As well as the new Google Lens, the company will be running the “Year in Search” video as ads on Snapchat, "which is the first time the program has been featured as a vertical video on the platform".

Snapchat’s augmented reality tools are continuously evolving, providing new and exciting opportunities for immersive AR projects of this nature. Augmented reality is set to be even bigger in 2021, with competitors including Facebook and Apple looking to launch their wearable AR glasses.

However, Snapchat is set to be at the forefront of app based augmented reality trends, and even though the company has no public plans for developing AR glasses, campaigns like the Google ‘Year In Search’ demonstrated that Snap are still pioneers in this technology.

Snapchat partners with google

The collaboration between Google and Snapchat highlights the increasing relevance of Snapchat, not only as an augmented reality platform, but as a tool for improving connection with Google utilising Snapchat to boost awareness of its search trends overview for 2020.  It may also be a sign of a significant relationship growing between the two companies, as Google once looked to purchase Snap.

Dec 18, 2020
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