ekindled from ancient times, the forces of darkness have awoken. This brings great plagues and natural disasters to the Earth, threatening the existence of modern society. The long forgotten souls of the past are calling out to you, begging to be freed. Can you be the hero this world desperately needs?

Soul Summoner A Fantasy MMORPG in Augmented Reality

Soul Summoner is a world-scale, fantasy MMORPG. This enables players from around the globe to communicate and help each other in the grand quest of stopping the demonic race. Each Summoner is equipped with spells to combat the evils of the world, which gradually become more powerful as your experience grows. Summoners can expand on their spellbook by learning new spells with the experience they gain. Once enemies are defeated, their souls can be claimed to assist in other battles, or spend on useful items to aid in your quest. 

In addition, all battles take place in Augmented Reality space, with combat balanced around the space provided by AR. This brings a level of immersion paralleled by no other game, as it puts the action directly in your world. Summoners can battle the creatures of the darkness, or duel other Summoners for ultimate glory. The combat mechanics are like nothing seen before due to the inclusion of AR, and Summoners will have to adapt to aiming their spells and dodging incoming spells to ensure victory in each duel. 

“Other AR experiences have been limited by device performance, leading to lightweight experiences” 

said Taylor Brown, Project Lead of Soul Summoner. 

“We wanted to change the stigma, and create a world with high-fidelity models and complex special effects. Thanks to optimization of the AR engine, backend code, and content displayed on screen, we have seen consistent performance across devices running Android 9 and above.”

Soul Summoner is a first of its kind, but is in a very early stage. Many new features are in planning, like regionalized content. This would be the process of changing content depending on your real-world environment. Someone in Nevada would see arid, dry resources and enemies to collect, whereas someone in Florida would see more tropical and aquatic based enemies and resources. This would come with a global trade system to connect to players around the world, and allow exchanging of goods and resources not available in particular areas.

Another big goal is multiplayer quests. Much like Dungeons and Dragons, Soul Summoner wants to allow you to create your own quests and stories. Using an arsenal of enemies, NPC’s, and interactive objects, players could create scenes at GPS coordinates, and anyone playing nearby could download and play that quest alone or with a guild of Summoners. This would be possible for main story quests as well, allowing players to use their strength in numbers to accomplish the ultimate goal. 

Soul Summoner is an expansive project, and needs the support of the community to bring it to fruition. 

“With players giving feedback and supporting our game, we can truly make fantasy fiction a reality. Augmented reality is still young, and it will only get better as technology advances.” 

said Eugene Walsh, COO of Mohx-Games. 

“We want to revolutionize the mobile gaming scene, and this is the way to do it.”

Soul Summoner is available [nofollow]here on Google Play, with devices running Android 8 and up supported. An iOS version is in late-stage development, and will be out soon. For more information, check out the [nofollow]project’s Kickstarter and [nofollow]soulsummonergame.com.

Jun 16, 2021
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