eamViewer’s enterprise-grade Augmented Reality app boasts new [nofollow]ARCore Depth API integration, in what looks like an impressive upgrade to TeamViewer Pilot. The integration will enable more accurate placements of AR annotations, drastically improving user-experience.

TeamViewer Pilot ARCore Update
Image: TeamViewer

[nofollow]TeamViewer Pilot at its core, is a remote support tool that uses Augmented Reality to allow business customers to receive remote support from experts through audio and interactive video to communicate problem solving advice as if they were physically there with them. This includes the ability to attach floating annotations, adding text, or tagging objects with 3D markers that stick to the physical object, which appears on the customer's device in real-time.

“When you’re providing remote support, you need to be able to make annotations with pinpoint accuracy in the 3D world,”

says Rajat Paharia, Product Manager at Google.

“TeamViewer is using the ARCore Depth API to make its AR support solution – TeamViewer Pilot – much more helpful and accurate for its users worldwide.”
TeamViewer ARCore
Image: TeamViewer

The ARCore depth API update will allow for a greater level of accuracy when placing 3D markers, along with the ability to reposition or even place markers behind physical objects. This functionality is possible because of the depth-map that ARCore has introduced, which enables the software to identify how near or far objects are from the user and allows for the placement of virtual elements either in front of or behind real-world objects.

“Integrating the ARCore Depth API into TeamViewer Pilot enables us to offer our users a better understanding of the real world with even more accurate and realistic 3D annotations,”

says Andreas Haizmann, Director of Product Management at TeamViewer. 

Innovations like this continue to drive the Augmented Reality industry forward, delivering very real and tangible results for both business and the consumer. Companies like TeamViewer, [nofollow]Apple and Dell Technologies are leading the charge on adopting AR and benefits are clear to see. 

TeamViewer, and their flagship product of the same name, provides an all-in-one solution for remote support, remote access and online meetings - all driven through the use of Augmented Reality. TeamViewer software actively runs on an impressive 400 million devices globally, and at any one time more than 25 million users are connected.

Jun 26, 2020
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