n this weeks weekly round up of Augmented Reality news, we look at BON V!V Web AR Out-of-Home advertising experience, new updates to CES 2021, AR-powered swimming goggles and more. Here's what happened, this week in AR.

Saturday: Aircards Launches Web AR OOH Experience for BON V!V

Popular Hard Seltzer brand BON V!V deployed a creative Web-based Augmented Reality outdoor advertising campaign throughout LA and San Diego. Developed by Web AR agency Aircards, the experience gives passersby of the on-street advertisement to scan the activation QR code with their mobile device (no app download required) to then tap-to-place a fully functioning, fully interactive 3D vending machine.

Consumers could choose their favorite flavor from the vending machine choices available, and once selected their can of choice is dispensed in a 3D animation with associated audio. The sound of the virtual can opening is ASMR heaven!

Read the full article: WebAR Retail Experience With AB InBev And BON V!V Spiked Seltzer

Sunday: CES 2021 Goes All-Digital

On Sunday we saw CES announce that their annual technology focused live event held in Las Vegas has been moved to an all-digital event. Given the ongoing impact of COVID-19, this comes as no surprise to attendees and brands.

Read the full article: CES 2021 Is All-Digital

Monday: University of Sheffield Confirms UK's Largest Deployment of AR

University of Sheffield, more specifically, their Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has recently confirmed plans for one of the largest ever Augmented Reality deployments in the UK. The deployment is in partnership with PTC and will roll out the Vuforia Expert Capture software.

This will be used for Augmented Reality within wearable devices, which of course, has a clear use case within manufacturing.

Tuesday: Augmented Reality Museum in Malta

Mediterranean Conference Centre in Malta creates AR museum app for visitors to be able to relive the past in Augmented Reality. Visitors can witness last rites, watch blessings and roam the kitchen and see the staff complete their daily routines, which can all be experienced in various international languages.

Going live on the 20th July 2020, the hope is that the AR museum experience will increase footfall and bring more visitors to the MCC.

Read the full article: The AR Virtual Museum Within The MCC

Wednesday: Nutanix Launch WebAR Event Space

Cloud computing giant Nutanix launch a fully immersive virtual expo booth using Web-based Augmented Reality. All industries have been affected by live event cancellations, but Nutanix looked to pivot quickly to deliver a digital version of their typical expo booth using Web AR. This gives online visitors the ability to tap-to-place the 3D booth in their own environment and then they can physically walk around the full-sized 3D booth to engage with the multiple interactive touch points.

Read the full article: Nutanix Launch Immersive Virtual Event Space In WebAR

Thursday: Augmented Reality Swim Goggles for Open Waters

Smart eyewear company FORM have developed Augmented Reality powered swim goggles with a recent upgrade to allow the swimmer to be able to track metrics such as heart rate and GPS location while swimming within open water.

Read the full article: FORM’s AR Swim Goggles Now Work In Open Waters

Friday: Augmented Reality Training At BASF

The Care Chemical Academy of the chemical company BASF, has introduced Augmented Reality software from Holo-Light as well as Microsoft’s HoloLens AR-glasses to simplify and improve training in production.

Read the full article: Augmented Reality Training At BASF

Aug 7, 2020
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