n this week's weekly round up of Augmented Reality news, we look at world renowned k-pop group BTS’ upcoming online concert which plans to feature Augmented Reality throughout the performance, Facebook Messenger’s new Augmented Reality experiences which aim to make your messages and video calls spooktacular throughout the month of October as well as Google’s recent launch of Persistent Cloud Anchors. All of this and more. Here's what happened, this week in AR.

Augmented Reality News

Saturday: Vauxhall’s Augmented Reality Filter

Vauxhall has developed a new Augmented Reality filter which allows Instagrammers to see how the all-new Mokka would look parked on their drive. The new Vauxhall Augmented Reality experience has already received over 14,000 users trying out the virtual Mokka in their own environment. 

The innovative Augmented Reality allows Instagrammers to walk around the vehicle and even look inside seeing design details including the new Vauxhall Vizor through their smartphone, and even step inside to experience the Vauxhall Pure Panel instrumentation before it arrives in UK showrooms next year.

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Latest Augmented Reality News

Sunday: BTS’ Online Concert Which Uses Augmented Reality 

World renowned k-pop band BTS will hold their online concert 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E', on October 10th at 7 PM and 4 PM the following day, which will feature innovative Augmented Reality and Extended Reality throughout the performance. To give their fans a meaningful experience, BTS created the ‘BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’ concert will be the 'ONE' and only 'Online Edition' concert performed by the band, which will be held in their home city Seoul.

The band’s manager, Big Hit Entertainment, has reported that they are planning a new type of concert, which will utilise the latest innovations XR technology to enhance the sense of immersion for the audience, the concert will be showcased through Augmented Reality as well as extended Reality technologies which fans can enjoy in a clear high definition of HD or 4K. 

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October Augmented Reality News

Monday: AR Discs’ Augmented Reality Universal DreamWorks Character Collectables 

Augmented Reality has found a new role in the hobbies and collectables market as technology toy developer AR Discs have created a new partnership with Universal DreamWorks. Characters from favourite film franchises such as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar are amongst the first to be added to the tech-collectable toys.

AR Discs have created a series of collectable discs, which use augmented reality to bring the characters to life via the corresponding app. AR Discs can be collected in an album and traded with friends. Each AR Disc has an image of a DreamWorks character and features embedded augmented reality content which comes to life through the free app. Interlocking discs can also be used to create 3D models. 

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Augmented Reality News

Tuesday: Upgrades To Augmented Reality Live View In Google Maps 

Google is expanding its features within the Live View, the Augmented Reality mode of Google Maps which lets you see directions as visual overlays over the real world through your smartphone camera as information is captured through your mobile camera’s viewfinder. 

Perhaps the most impressive addition to the Live View, is the ability to see visual cues which correspond to landmarks in your field of view. Information will be displayed on how far away the notable landmark is as well as the option to select directions to walk there. 

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Augmented Reality News

Wednesday: UTO Announces Augmented Reality ‘Don Giovanni’ Opera

A new cross-border company, Ulster Touring Opera, has just launched. The company’s aim is to bring world class performances of famous works to audiences in the nine countries which collectively make up the region of Ulster. 

The UTOs first staged opera will be Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” which plans to start its tour in 2021. The company plans to use Augmented Reality technology to bring the opera to people’s homes. To do this, the UTO has partnered with companies such as Sentireal and Volograms to develop and create the Augmented Reality Opera Project which gives viewers a different perspective into Don Giovanni’s final moments through their smartphone or tablet device.

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AR News

Thursday: Facebook Messenger’s New Augmented Reality Halloween Features

Facebook Messenger is bringing its users some new artwork and Augmented Reality experiences to make your messages and video calls spooktacular throughout the month of October. Bringing to life a virtual haunted house, each week Facebook Messenger users will get to discover different themed rooms from Dr. Madhaus’ Halloween Mansion. In addition to this, there will be 360 degree animated backgrounds and Augmented Reality effects which can be used to take photos and on video calls through the Facebook Messenger camera or activities in your Messenger Rooms. 

To enhance their spooky offering, Facebook Messenger has collaborated with Universal Pictures and Crash McCreery, a legendary character and creature designer to develop 360 backgrounds and Augmented Reality filters from the Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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October Augmented Reality News Updates

Friday: Google Recent Launch Of Persistent Cloud Anchors

Last year, Google previewed persistent Cloud Anchors which can be tied to a specific location and allow information to be permanently overlaid over the real world. With the recent upgrade ARCore 1.20, it has officially launched with a number of apps already taking advantage. Meanwhile, Google has recently showcased Earth Cloud Anchors.  

Cloud Anchors were initially announced as a way to build collaborative Augmented Reality apps. Cloud Anchors work by having devices create a 3D feature map from visual data and has the ability to be accessed by others. Previously, these experiences were only available for a single session which then disappeared once the app was closed. But as the name suggests, persistent Cloud Anchors can last for longer periods of time by being tied to a latitude and longitude which developers can maintain. 

The persistent Cloud Anchors marries Augmented Reality content and real world locations which can be returned to time and time again over weeks and months. With persistent Cloud Anchors can also be accessed by multiple people using compatible smartphone devices. 

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Oct 9, 2020
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