ince the launch of its web-based augmented reality platform in 2018, 8th Wall has pioneered to lead the industry and push the boundaries of what brands can do with AR experiences outside of built-in apps.

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8th Wall unveiled Realtime Reflections which adds another dimension of realism to web-based AR content. The latest feature enables developers to insert surfaces into AR content that reflects its true surroundings. The 8th Wall platform already features high-quality 3D renderings, realistic shadows and lighting which are all necessary ingredients for creating a sense of immersion but with the new addition of Realtime Reflections, it takes the experience to another level of realism by accurately portraying a product to the end user while maintaining the brand’s integrity at all times.


It’s clear to see that the company are delivering the most realistic augmented reality development platform available, 8th Wall wrote:

“In the world of augmented reality, authenticity matters.”

When 8th Wall’s Realtime Reflections are utilised in AR development, users will see a reflection of the natural world and mirror the changing environmental conditions such as lighting and surroundings that are actually happening around the user, adding a deeper level of realism and detail to web-based AR experiences.

8th Wall Realtime Reflections

Developers are able to learn how to build realistic WebAR projects with Realtime Reflections by visiting the technical walkthrough post on 8th Wall’s blog as well as watching a Live Learning Session on February 17th, where 8th Wall will walk you through the technical tips for building realistic WebAR content with 8th Wall, including an introduction to Realtime Reflections.

Realtime Reflections WebAR

When realistic augmented reality experiences are married with the powerful distribution of the web, it becomes possible to create incredibly authentic brand experiences and ecommerce interactions at scale, which ultimately lead to higher engagement, an increase in buyer confidence, and greater conversions.

In a relatively short time, 8th Wall has added image targeting and curved image targeting, volumetric video support and tools for easy prototyping and cloud editing and web hosting, among other features, to its platform and now the addition of Realtime Reflections. The 8th Wall platform has also produced high-profile AR campaigns for Samsung, Pepsi, Sony Records, Netflix and Fox, among others, and without signs that its speed is slowing down.

Feb 17, 2021
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