mazon is continuing to expand their Augmented Reality offering, recently, the company released their¬† ‚ÄúRoom Decorator‚ÄĚ tool, which allows shoppers to place multiple pieces of Augmented furniture into a room. Now, Amazon has found an innovative way to entertain their customers with the boxes that arrive on their doorstep. The company has transformed their packaging which now comes to life with the help of their Augmented Reality app.¬†

The free ‚ÄúAmazon Augmented Reality‚ÄĚ app was developed so that shoppers could create interactive, sharable AR experiences which could be delivered wherever their shoppers are.¬†

Amazon AR App
Image Credit: Amazon

To activate the Augmented Reality experience, shoppers can simply download the app on either an iOS or an Android device, and hover their smart device over the QR code which can be found on the side of the Amazon box to launch the AR experience. 

In the App Store images and the company‚Äôs launch video, a pumpkin has been drawn on the side of the box and can be seen floating with Augmented Reality. The interactive pumpkin design has been released just in time for Halloween. Users can draw on the side of the box and see their pumpkin designs come to life. It‚Äôs another way Amazon is encouraging shoppers to get creative with their packaging as part of the ‚ÄúLess Packaging, More Smiles‚ÄĚ initiative. In the summer, shoppers were encouraged to scan QR codes and follow the instructions to make creations such as a robot costume or a cat fort.¬†

Amazon have been utilising Augmented Reality as part of their safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic. In June, a ‚ÄúDistance Assistant‚ÄĚ sensor was launched which showed workers on a large screen display with Augmented Reality circles overlaid onto their feet when they were working in the warehouse to ensure workers were practicing correct social distancing measures.¬†

Oct 13, 2020
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