arlier this week, Apple announced the next event “Spring Loaded” for April 20 today. The announcement featured colourful artwork on the invitation as well as another AR Easter egg  was included on the Apple Events webpage.

In 2020, Apple started to release AR Easter eggs to go alongside each event announcement. To date, there has been AR Easter eggs  for the Apple Watch and iPad event, iPhone 12 launch, and also the M1 Mac event.

For the announcement of the Spring Loaded event, Apple has released another fun Easter egg which can be found on the Apple Events page. Readers can head to the webpage on their iPhone or iPad and tap on the event logo at the top to launch the augmented reality experience.

The Spring Loaded event’s East egg showcases lively colourful streamers which glides around the space before transforming into the Apple logo. Part of the animation mirrors the Apple Park spaceship and features colours which are likely to be seen on new iPhone cases. In portrait mode, the augmented reality experience features a button to add the event to the viewers calendar.

We don't know what will be showcased at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, but we can't wait for it to be revealed!

Apr 19, 2021
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