arlier this week, leading web-based augmented reality agency Aircards, shared to their social media a demonstration of Inline AR. 

In case you’re not familiar with the technology, Inline AR means to embed an augmented reality experience directly into an existing website. Inline AR is generally most suited to e-commerce stores and product pages where website visitors are able to interact with a product through an augmented reality experience without the need to leave the website. 

As well as e-commerce stores and product pages, Inline AR is well suited to websites with a significant amount of written content or to compliment a blog post to break up extensive amounts of content and give the reader an opportunity to experience augmented reality which is relevant to the page it is embedded in. Inline AR uses Web AR technology and is typically deployed using an iFrame, so almost all websites should be compatible with Inline AR technology. 

In this example showcased by Aircards, the Inline AR is housed in an iFrame inside of a website and is used to demonstrate how an QLED TV would look mounted on a wall in the user's home.

At the top of the webpage, a option to ‘View In My Home’ appears, which when clicked takes the user down the page to the AR Viewer section which instructs the user to ‘Tap below to view the QLED in augmented reality’ with a large green button to ‘Start AR’. Once the user taps ‘Allow Camera’, the iFrame automatically activates the user's mobile device camera and they can place the 3D QLED TV in their own home.

The user did not have to leave the website during the entire experience, and they can continue to scroll and read on at any point. Inline AR is incredibly valuable for companies that want to offer AR experience on-site, but without directing the user out of the website. 

Inline AR has the power to completely transform online shopping experiences, delivering an enhanced level of consumer interaction by increasing dwell time and conversion rate, all directly from existing product pages.

Aircards continue to push the boundaries of innovative augmented reality marketing and we are looking forward to seeing forward thinking brands adopting Inline AR. 

About Aircards:

Market-leading provider of WebAR marketing campaigns for Enterprise brands, including recent high-profile launches with Dell Technologies, Unilever (Pot Noodle) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Aircards provides an end-to-end service - from ideation to development and hosting. WebAR powered by [nofollow]8th Wall, built by Aircards

Mar 17, 2021
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