lue Bear Systems Research Ltd, leading supplier of innovative research and product-based solutions in the field of unmanned systems, mission systems, avionics, sensor payloads and data exploitation, has announced the launch of an augmented reality system for swarming drones and BVLOS operations, which the company is calling ‘Heads-Up’. 

The company’s Heads-Up technology enables an operator, wearing AR Glasses, to visualise where all the drones in the swarm are and display their health status and other essential information. Individual drones can be selected for a more detailed view on the system status.

The Heads-Up system will be particularly beneficial to safety pilots and drone swarm operators, especially when multiple drones are returning to a single landing area. When operating BVLOS, the system provides valuable information and context as to where the drones are, and in poor weather could be vital to safe operations. 

The next evolution of the software will add in additional external data sources such as ADSB to enhance the situational awareness picture for the safety pilots and operators.

MD of Blue Bear, Ian Williams-Wynn stated:

“This is a key component to add to our CenturionTM swarming drone command and control system, and our Manned Unmanned Machine Teaming (MUM-T) technology. By layering different information, using AR, we can significantly enhance the operator’s ability to understand what a single drone, or swarm of drones, is doing, how much endurance is left, and obtain a host of other information about the platform and payloads.”

The technology has been developed with joint funding from the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), and in conjunction with DSTL.

Apr 22, 2021
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