rinks brand Desperados has partnered with eight talented emerging artists to help create the company’s latest campaign which aims to give a platform to new talent. 

The final works of art created by the group will appear throughout its digital advertising campaigns as well as an augmented reality out of home experience which is set to launch later this year.

Global Marketing Manager at Desperados Rutger van der Stegen stated in a recent interview:

We've partnered upcoming talent and asked them to create unique art pieces. We thought let's not stop there, let's take this artwork, beyond the obvious. So we are bringing them to life through AR."

The Desperados Design Collective will be mentored by designer, Kate Moross. The artists involved are  Diana Ejaita, Elza Jo, Guedj Kevin, Kuki Iwanski, Lion Sauterleute, Marco A. Cacioni, Mantodea and Rosh. 

The campaign has emerged from the Desperados "Tear It Up" party posters created by We Are Pi, which is also assisting on this project.

Rutger continued:

"It's nice to give upcoming talent and artists from different creative directions a platform so they can show to the world what they are capable of. It also gives them the experience of working with a brand and a great mentor like Kate Moross. They are able to expand their skills, but also have something to show for it, through the platform of digital advertising. We don't only talk about being a beer that goes beyond the obvious but we also try and help other people go beyond the obvious."

The campaign will be the first project to launch under the brand’s new creative platform, Go Desperados. The platform was created inline with the brand’s spirit of playful experimentation through a montage of innovative experiences and activations taking place this year.

The Desperados brand plans to continue to host virtual experiences where its products are available. 

Feb 18, 2021
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