ublin City Council is making waves with its latest tech innovation, unveiling a cutting-edge augmented-reality (AR) mapping feature that offers users an immersive 3D exploration of the city through the Dublin Discovery Trails app.

Named 'DiscovAR Dublin,' this groundbreaking offering employs Google Maps technology to create an interactive 3D map that transports users into the heart of the city, allowing them to engage with the map while discovering renowned Dublin landmarks, museums, and attractions.

The collaborative project includes the efforts of Dublin City Council, Smart Dublin, Virgin Media Business, and Peel X. The latter developed the feature for the Dublin Discovery Trails app.

Launched the previous year, the app serves as a platform for Dublin's local authorities to blend historical narratives with smart technology, resulting in captivating immersive experiences. From the Doors into Docklands tour to heritage tours of Balbriggan and Castleknock, the app already boasts unique engagements.

Daith├ş de R├│iste, Lord Mayor of Dublin, exclaimed during the launch, "This is a first for Ireland ÔÇô users can literally step into the city from anywhere in the world and explore Dublin in the palm of their hand. This innovative technology will help further position Dublin as a world-class destination with this new experience."

Whether tourists planning their visit or locals looking to uncover hidden gems, the app offers an exciting and informative way to explore Dublin's rich history, iconic locations, and vibrant culture.

Commenting on the launch, Jamie Cudden, Smart City Lead at Dublin City Council, highlighted the potential of 'DiscovAR Dublin' to provide visitors and locals with a fresh perspective on the city. The app reflects the ongoing efforts of Smart Dublin to leverage technology for enhancing engagement with the city's culture and heritage.

The 'DiscovAR Dublin' feature aligns with the larger Smart Tourism strategy, aimed at revolutionizing Dublin's tourism experience by blending digital innovation with the captivating stories and history that define the city. This endeavor is part of the broader Dublin City Council Tourism Strategy 2023-2028 ÔÇô Innovation Pillar.

As Dublin embraces new immersive technologies like AR, it solidifies its position as a world-class tourism destination, promising tailored and unforgettable experiences for all who explore its vibrant streets.


Sep 1, 2023
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