he largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal NOS, has announced this week an exclusive partnership with consumer facing AR apps company Leo AR. The two companies together will showcase the capabilities of 5G in Portugal by utilising Leo AR as part of NOS’s official 5G leading strategy in the country.

With the new partnership, NOS will deliver a solution straight to its consumers to give them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a library of thousands of 3D objects within Leo AR. 

Leo AR’s performance has been optimised due to the latest 5G technology, which in turn has improved the overall efficiency and experience of creating new worlds instantly around the user. The role that 5G is going to play is essential in not only improving user experience, but also allowing for faster and better communication.

Executive Board Member of NOS, Daniel Beato, stated:

“Bringing creative imagination to real life through AR videos is just one example of the new and innovative entertainment experiences that 5G will allow. For this reason, this valuable partnership with Leo AR reinforces NOS' ambition to demonstrate to its customers the many possibilities of this pioneering technology in Portugal,” 

Users can now download the app and simply point their smartphone towards the floor and  tap one or more of the objects in the categories. Users can then tap the record button and add music, stickers and filters as well as being able to change the speed of their videos. The best videos created will be put into consideration for the discovery page within the Leo AR app, to inspire new users. 

Founder and CEO of Leo AR, Dana Loberg, commented:

“We’re excited to be paving the way in consumer AR and partnering with NOS Communications to power our app Leo AR. 5G allows users to not only create new worlds around them instantly, but provides an overall seamless experience from start to finish,”

The partnership between NOS and Leo AR coincides with a new wave of innovation which is connecting 5G and augmented reality. Especially during the pandemic, the world is heavily relying on technology to stay connected, NOS and Leo AR help to bridge the gap of bringing creativity and storytelling to life in fun new ways in Augmented Reality.

Apr 15, 2021
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