s Samsung continues to roll out it’s contactless offering, the company has developed augmented reality demos for consumers to experience the product virtually in their homes, check product dimensions and make an informed decision.

Consumers can use the augmented reality demo to virtually place Samsung’s lifestyle TV The Serif in their living room or have a 360-degree view of how the latest SpaceMax FamilyHub™ refrigerator would look like in their kitchen, while also exploring detailed features of the products. Consumers can also check for dimensions of the product and match it with the space and décor of their homes.

Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, Raju Pullan, stated:

“As consumers spend more time at home and continue to look for smarter lifestyle choices, we wanted to ensure they can experience their favourite Samsung products right in the comfort of their homes and close transactions without stepping out. The new AR Demo enables our consumers with technology so they can make an informed decision in an experiential way,”
Samsung India Create Virtual Shopping Experience with Augmented Reality Demo ‍

How Does It Work?

To access the augmented reality demo, Samsung Experience Consultants will share a link with the consumer interested in a specific product. The experience can also be accessed via a link from Samsung’s Facebook page. Once the link is clicked, the AR demo would be activated on their smartphones. The user can then view the product in their own home environment, placing the TV or refrigerator at the desired location using their smartphone camera.

The camera scans the environment and places the product to scale, showing the user how the product would look aesthetically in their homes. In the case of a refrigerator, users can even open the doors and look inside for a holistic experience of the product.

Once finished with the virtual experience, users have the opportunity to “Request Callback” and connect with their nearest Samsung retailer, ensuring they can purchase Samsung products without stepping out of their homes.

Live Video Demo at Home

If users request a callback, Samsung Experience Consultants will take consumers through the demo of any product via a video call, helping them select products from the comfort of their homes. Post selection, consumers can also make an online payment and get the product delivered to their homes.

Jul 5, 2021
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