ith the continuous developments in augmented reality (AR) technology, smart glasses will be available to purchase within the next two years which will bring monumental change regarding smartphones and tablets.

Using smart glasses will allow the user to be hands free while browsing AR branded content for an enhanced experience, experts say that this next generation of AR technology will also significantly impact the e-commerce and retail industries. 

immersive ar ecommerce
Rise of Immersive AR E-Commerce

Several brands including Bosch, have taken the next step in joining the new generation of smart glasses technology to give their consumers new ways to experience 2D and 3D content and features. While smartphones and other handheld devices will not disappear, there is certainly new competition for this space. 

Running alongside this trend is WebAR, which is developing and growing at rapid rates and we’re seeing a significant rise in AR access through the web. WebAR can allow brands to seamlessly integrate AR into their pre-existing e-commerce site. The rise in developments and popularity will mean that AR content will just be a click away. It also makes sharing AR experiences incredibly easy, where the user can simply tap into the AR experiences without installing a mobile app, when and where they want.

As both smart glasses and WebAR become more mainstream, so will a new and exciting form of e-commerce and retail where there won’t just be an alternative to trying on, but a fully interactive and immersive experience.

Augmented Reality Pop-Up Stores

AR try on experiences have populated the web and, more recently, social media, resulting in a big impact on business. Especially eyewear and cosmetics brands as the consumer can now quickly browse a wide range of brands catalogs, helping consumers decide faster and more effectively.

Evidence has shown that not only does AR try on experiences increase brand awareness and drive sales but it also lowers the return rates. Now is the time that try on experiences should be expanded to physical retail stores. It is essential to start planning an integrated commerce experience with AR, as COVID-19 affects retailers and 5G is accelerating. 

One significant benefit of integrating AR into your e-commerce site not only allows for your consumers to try on items of clothing and accessories but can allow them to spatially explore your online store wherever and whenever they desire. Brands are even able to set up their own pop-up stores next door to their competitors’ physical one. This next level of e-commerce integrated with AR will have a big impact on physical stores.

Not only could you set up an AR store at a set location but you could set a store to be opened in each of your consumer’s living rooms. Creating a truly unique brand experience can now be accessed wherever the consumer wants it and if all the data included in virtual assistants like Google Home or Alexa can be integrated with the AR technology, it is fair to say that e-commerce will be completely transformed by this combination of futuristic technology. 

Jun 25, 2020
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