he true crime community has a new Augmented Reality app, created by Hollywood producer and broadcast journalist, Neil Mandt. The app, called [nofollow]CrimeDoor, is an educational content hub, created for users to explore chilling crime scenes.

The app features hundreds of crime scenes available to view, as well as key information, evidence and unbiased news and missing persons reports. From small hometown murders to infamous cases across the world including John Lennon, Nicole Brown Simpson and JonBénet Ramsey, the CrimeDoor app will let you deep dive on the facts, including news articles, geological information, curated video content and informative podcasts.

The CrimeDoor app is the first of its kind, through the use of groundbreaking Augmented Reality technology, users are able to experience and navigate through accurately recreated crime scenes exactly how they were discovered by the police using Augmented Reality portals.

Users can immerse themselves into real true crime scenes by walking through the Augmented Reality portal door and investigating them, just as detectives at the actual crime scenes did. CrimeDoor aims to illuminate each crime from the victim’s point of view and through partnerships with notable media authorities providing a unique, unbiased, and trusted form of context to each crime scene with access to authentic News Sources.

When speaking about CrimeDoor, creator Neil Mandt stated:

“We aren’t celebrating killers, we are giving a voice to the victims. Our biggest focus is on unsolved murders and missing persons and by adding cases and content on a daily basis we hope to raise awareness and quite possibly justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves,”

Mandt continued: 

“We have created an easier way for True Crime enthusiasts to engage in their passion by bringing content into one centralised app. Through our groundbreaking Augmented Reality technology, anyone can explore and experience crime scenes in a way that has never been possible.”  

Users are able to view 3D evidence to help aid in solving cold Cases; a chance for fresh eyes to view and potentially help authorities solve criminal cases.

The CrimeDoor Augmented Reality platform has been vetted by both police officers and FBI agents as a way where users can actually aid in solving open cases. CrimeDoor provides high quality content for true crime enthusiasts to gain a true and chilling perspective into the world of each crime scene.

CrimeDoor is available now via compatible iOS devices, with an official Android release also in the works. Individual portals can be purchased for $1.99 each. There’s also a monthly subscription plan offering access to all portals for $4.99 per month.

Nov 20, 2020
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