onfectionary brand Kinder, created a unique AR experience with their ‘Jump Into Africa’ Safari portal which transported shoppers into the African Savanna. 

The experience was created by FPP, the award winning Shopper Marketing Agency, who collaborated with Aircards, leaders in WebAR technology to deliver a unique immersive experience for the Kinder brand. 

The ‘Jump Into Africa’ Safari featured a 3D Augmented Reality Portal experience, which invited shoppers at Tesco stores to walk through the portal door and explore the African Savanna and discover animated 3D safari animals alongside fun infographics to learn more about the animals in their own natural habitat.

The ‘Jump Into Africa’ Augmented Reality safari experience can be found in Tesco supermarkets around the UK and to access the portal there is in store signage and peel away print flyers surrounding the Kinder products. To make this experience as accessible as possible, the experience was created using WebAR, which lets shoppers enjoy the immersive content without the need to download an app. The experience can also be saved to the mobile devices homescreen to be accessed at a later date. 

When asked about the ‘Jump Into Africa’ AR experience, Aircards Head of Operations, Michael Watson stated:

“We enjoyed working with the team at FPP to bring this Kinder experience to life. It was a strong example of inter-agency collaboration, combining the skills of FPP’s in-house 3D graphics team and our own expert WebAR developers. Deploying this experience throughout supermarkets in the UK was highly innovative and a further demonstration of the growth of WebAR as a powerful technology for engaging consumers.”

Sep 19, 2020
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