uzix Corporation, a leading supplier of smart glasses and Augmented Reality technology and products, have announced that the [nofollow]Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses have been upgraded, boasting new features which make it easier for wearers to seamlessly integrate the Smart Glasses into everyday life. 

There are many new improvements to the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, first of which, the digital instructions are now much easier to read as well as the hands-free video calls are more seamless than ever. 

Vuzix Glasses
Image Credit: Vuzix

Smart glasses are now being used increasingly at home and in the workplace, to fit in with everyday life the Vuzix Blade has a sleek design, and the Smart Glasses give wearers hands-free access to almost all the functions offered by their smartphone. 

The company states that the latest upgrade provides out of the box eye protection. The new glasses are ANSI Z78.1 certified, expanding the number of use cases at home and on the job. PPE perfection means eyes remain safe in almost any environment.

AR Eyewear
Image Credit: Vuzix

The upgrade gives wearers crystal clear images, with an auto-focus 8-megapixel camera, voice-activated pictures rival those taken by smartphones in quality. Simply tap on the right temple or say ‚Äútake picture‚ÄĚ for Instagram-worthy snaps.

The company has removed the need for a headset, the upgrade features built-in stereo speakers in the temples, which means wearers can walk and talk without having to wear earbuds. Making the Vuzix Blade this generation’s bluetooth headset. 

Vuzix Blade
Image Credit: Vuzix

Additionally, the Blade’s microphone is noise-cancelling and guarantees no outside sounds are picked up during calls or video chats. The company has also enhanced their digital instructions to make them less distracting and easier to read to seamlessly integrate with real world tasks and see through Waveguide optics help wearers focus on the task at hand.

The recent improvements made to the Vuzix Blade represents a step in the right direction for the wearable technology industry. Items such as smartphones and Bluetooth headsets have become part of our everyday lives and the upgrade to the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses becomes more practical for everyday use. 

Vuzix Blade Eyewear
Image Credit: Vuzix

As the population becomes more reliant on smart technology for both professional and personal use, there is a greater need for seamless access to the digital world and to make the experience seamless, wearable technology is the way forward. 

Oct 16, 2020
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