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Arvizio Brings Drone Mapped 3D Models to Life in AR

Arvizio has announced this week the ability to incorporate drone and UAV mapped 3D models and point clouds into multi-user, multi-location augmented reality collaborative sessions using their immerse 3D solution. 
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Leo AR Partners With NOS to Bring 5G and Augmented Reality to Portugal

The largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal NOS, has announced this week an exclusive partnership with consumer facing AR apps company Leo AR. The two companies together will showcase the capabilities of 5G in Portugal by utilising Leo AR as part of NOS’s official 5G leading strategy in the country.
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BMW launches Virtual Viewer

A next generation AR experience for next generation cars
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National Memorial Arboretum Launches New Augmented Reality App

The National Memorial Arboretum, a 150-acre garden and woodland site near Lichfield and Tamworth, Staffordshire, has just launched a new augmented reality experience, ARboretum, for the Easter school holidays through to June.
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Facebook Host Oculus Gaming Showcase Event On April 21

Facebook have announced that they are hosting an Oculus Gaming Showcase, which will stream to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. The event begins at 3 pm Pacific time on April 21 and is available in the United States and Japan. 
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Liam Payne opens EE BAFTA Film Awards with AR performance

Last night, platinum selling artist Liam Payne delivered a live augmented reality experience for smartphone users ahead of the 2021 EE BAFTA Film Awards on BBC One.
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Microsoft Contracted To Develop Augmented Reality Headsets For US Army

Microsoft is preparing its HoloLens-based Augmented Reality headsets for production and deployment within the U.S. Army. The company will be supplying the army with a version which is specifically tailored for improving the safety and performance of soldiers.
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Apple Could Be Revealing AR Glasses At WWDC

Now it could be just our imagination running wild, but the invite image for the WWDC 2021, set for June 7-11, has got our head spinning wondering if Apple is preparing to finally talk about its developments in augmented reality and virtual reality. More specifically, its well rumoured augmented reality glasses. 
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Spatial Customers Log Eight million minutes In AR/VR Workspaces

Virtual meetings get even richer with LiDAR scanned custom environments and real time translation
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