BO has recently collaborated with Verizon Media on a campaign to engage consumers and promote the second season of the fantasy series, ‘His Dark Materials’, which launched November 16 by utilising Augmented Reality advertising to reach a wider audience and create an immersive experience for consumers. 

three smartphones

The campaign was an innovative way to engage with consumers with content and experiences inspired by the show. 

Viewers were able to scan a QR code with their smartphone devices which revealed an Augmented Reality advertisement, displaying a 3D version of a daemon, an animal-like manifestation of a person’s soul from the series. 

His Dark Materials

HBO’s Augmented Reality app, encourages users to take care of their personalised daemons by participating in a series of wellness activities. Users can tell their daemons how they feel and get helpful tips and information on those activities, while progressing through an in-app journey game.  


Before the new series launched HBO released branded Augmented Reality lenses on Snapchat which let fans interact with characters from the series.

Verizon's research shows that Augmented Reality content is appealing to over half of the consumers it is distributed to, allowing companies like HBO to interact with their fans and extend the exposure to its branding. The research also demonstrated that more than two thirds of the consumers who experience the Augmented Reality want to learn more about the brand. There’s no wonder that brands are increasingly exploring opportunities with Augmented Reality advertising.

Dec 9, 2020
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