ones Soda is adding augmented reality to its iconic soda bottle labels to showcase athletes and artists in action. 

Drinks company Jones Soda, is adding augmented reality to the brand’s iconic soda bottle labels to showcase the artists and athletes in action. 

The recent announcement now means that the company’s new labels will come to life in a video via the Jones Soda app. All consumers need to do is click on the app, point their smartphone camera to scan the bottle labels’ image to bring them to life.

Consumers will be able to look into the life of a BMX rider, a beach volleyball player, a breakdancer, a roller skater, a skateboarder, a surfer, a circus performer, and more. 

Jones Soda Adds Interactive AR Labels to Soda Bottles

In a recent press release, President and CEO of Jones Soda, Mark Murray stated:

"Our new AR labels retain that authenticity and focus on consumer stories while also moving from still images to video to take advantage of newer technology. It’s a way of expanding our fan base and shelf appeal, particularly for 'Gen Z-ers' who are avid content creators themselves, while remaining true to our roots as the people’s craft soda,"

The augmented reality labels will only be available on the company’s top five soda flavours: Orange and Cream, Cream Soda, Berry Lemonade, Root Beer, and Green Apple. 

The company has also stated that the public can submit their own videos for a chance to be on the next augmented reality label series scheduled to be released next spring. Jones Soda has transformed their marketing strategy to include augmented reality, and it’s a smart move considering consumers are more drawn to interactive marketing. According to a [nofollow]survey from Gfk and cited by eMarketer, 45% of 19-28-year olds and 49% of 29-38-year olds are more likely to visit a store that offers a virtual reality or AR experience. 

Aug 3, 2021
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