Scottish gin company has become the first in the UK to develop an entire augmented reality experience for their six main bottles. 

McQueen Gin was founded in 2015 by Dale and Vicky McQueen with a plan to create an adventurous gin-drinking experience unlike any other and bring new and exciting flavours to the ever evolving market.

McQueen Gin, based in Callander, has launched what they’re calling the ‘World’s Coolest Labels’ which come to life through the help of innovative augmented reality technology. The AR labels were created to give McQueen Gin customers an immersive gin experience.

augmented reality label

To access the experience, customers need a bottle of the gin and should then download the McQueen Gin app, which is available for Apple and Android. Customers then scan the label through via the app, each individual bottle has its own unique experience. Customers can select the icon which matches their bottle, when the camera has started, the customer then matches up the M with the identical one on the bottle and watches the bottle come to life, showcasing the secrets of McQueen Gin with a unique full-length animation, giving the drinker a fun insight into the flavour.

Customers can learn more about the spirit of Ben Ledi, the mountain which overlooks the distillery, behind its Highland Dry Gin, follow the antics of the maverick lemon cartoon character, or take a virtual dive into McQueen’s black cherry and vanilla gin pool.

The launch of the augmented reality labels and app is an out of the box marketing campaign is a commitment to the McQueen ethos of doing things differently. The technology has taken six months to develop, following a £20,000 investment by McQueen.

MD of McQueen Gin, Dale McQueen stated:

“At its core, one of the fascinating sociable aspects of society can be found when we share a drink with our friends, either in the pub or in our homes. With that option being limited in the current climate, we have enhanced this experience by creating an engaging AR experience on our six core range bottles that people will enjoy sharing across social media.

McQueen continued:

“We wanted to make not just an enjoyable tasting gin but an experience which would bond people together and give them something other than great taste to talk about. We have achieved this through the new McQueen Gin app, which allows the user to view the augmented reality experience by simply opening the app and pointing their camera at the front label.

McQueen concluded by noting: 

“Not only are we the first Scottish Gin company to integrate augmented reality, we believe that we are the first gin company in the whole of the UK to fully integrate augmented reality into our label design with our own dedicated app, showcasing how McQueen continues to lead the industry in innovation.”

McQueen Gin have created many world-first gins and won multiple awards, including a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

As well as the augmented reality function, the app also offers exclusive McQueen rewards and cocktail recipes to try, what's not to love!

Feb 3, 2021
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