quad is collaborating with Snap Inc. to utilise Camera Kit and integrate Snap’s Augmented Reality capabilities into the Squad app to develop a new creative social outlet, when the world is socially distancing. 

The coronavirus pandemic has put everyday life on hold, with millions working from home and the cancellation of social events, many are left feeling isolated, and so there is a growing need for creative outlets. Since lockdowns were put in place, video messaging platforms have been used more than ever, with many experimenting with Augmented Reality for a more enhanced experience. Squad is paving the way for interactive video chats with its partnership with Snap. 

The Squad app can host up to nine users and with Squad’s co watching capabilities, TikTok, long form content and virtual experiences can be shared together. The partnership with Snap takes personalisation and creativity to a whole new level.

Camera Kit utilises Snapchat’s Lens carousel UX and Lenses AR platform, which delivers integrated user experiences. This enables developers to harness the power of Snapchat’s camera in their own app. Developers can also gain access to a range of services and tools for creating AR experiences. Squad is one of the first partners to integrate Camera Kit into their platform. 

By integrating Snap’s Camera Kit AR capabilities into the Squad app, users are able to play with the Snapchat lenses as they chat and watch videos with friends. The Squad app gives users a new way to express their creativity and share it with their friends while they’re hanging out online, appealing to a huge audience which mainly consists of Gen Z and millennials. 

The Squad app aims to give users meaningful interactions by keeping them connected with loved ones and friends as well as combating loneliness. More than ever during the current pandemic, creative outlets have become vital to managing stress and keeping our minds healthy.

Nov 1, 2020
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