he Sundance Film Festival is an annual film festival organised by the Sundance Institute. The event takes place each January in Park City, Utah, Salt Lake City, and at the Sundance Resort, and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. The Festival’s 2021 New Frontier showcase is in full swing and due to the pandemic, the organisers have created a plethora of genre-defying entertainment available via a custom-built social platform composed of a virtual gallery, cinema house and lounge area. The virtual gallery features 14 immersive displays, one of which is an augmented reality documentary short film, named Fortune!

augmented reality documentary
Image Credit: Atlas V

Fortune! tells the story of Frank Bourassa, notorious for being the greatest con man to have ever lived. During his career as a professional counterfeiter, Bourassa printed an estimated $250 million in fake bills, earning him the title of ‘God’ of the counterfeiting world. The story follows Bourassa’s humble beginnings as an honest working man to his eventual metamorphosis into a ludicrously effective con man.

One of the creators of Fortune! Atlas V, constructed a unique narrative, which makes good use of the augmented reality technology, which immerses the viewer in Bourassa’s unbelievable tale. The short film features narration from Bourassa himself. Viewers will follow a tiny avatar version of the infamous con man as he recreates some of the biggest moments of his counterfeiting career.

augmented reality short film
Image Credit: Atlas V

The app’s description states:

“Money, from bills to coins, has no intrinsic value beyond what we’ve collectively agreed to grant it, however, there’s no denying that money governs our lives. This series of animated documentary shorts in AR for smartphones, tablets and social media platforms, explores that relationship.”

Fortune! is brought to viewers by Marianne Lévy-Leblond (Arte), Rob McLaughlin, Dash Spielgeman, Rolito, Clement Chériot, in collaboration with Lead Artists Brett Gaylor, Nicolas Bourniquel, and Arnaud Colinart (Atlas V).

The festival ends on February 3rd, those wanting to experience Fortune! Can purchase an Explorer’s Pass for just $25 through the Sundance website to access the entire New Frontier lineup on any up-to-date Android and iOS device, 

Feb 2, 2021
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