n this week's weekly round up of Augmented Reality news, we look at NASCAR’s AR racing game app, the VRARA’s global digital event, as well as Ubimax’s updates to the ‘Frontline’ enterprise Augmented Reality platform. All of this and more. Here's what happened, this week in AR.

Saturday Calendar

Saturday: 2021 Ram TRX “Know & Go” Augmented Reality App

The 2021 Ram TRX is soon to be launching and it comes with a few new features. The first of these is the “Know & Go” mobile Augmented Reality app which helps owners get acquainted with their new pickup without having to dig through the owner’s manual.

The “Know & Go” Augmented Reality app lets owners of the new 2021 Ram TRX learn about their vehicle's new features through the innovative powers of Augmented Reality, where information will be displayed. Hovering the camera over the steering wheel will show owners how to use the steering wheel controls or paddle shifters, while pointing at the dashboard will show infotainment functionality, acting as an owner’s manual for the modern age. 

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Sunday Calendar

Sunday: NASCAR Create Augmented Reality Racing App

Professional sports have been immensely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, because of this, sporting events organisers are having to think outside the box to give their fans engaging content. One company that has managed to overcome the obstacles is NASCAR, who have continued to draw in big numbers with the iRacing Pro Series, a virtual racing series composed of real NASCAR drivers following the actual NASCAR schedule.

To celebrate the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, the company has launched an interactive AR racing experience which gives fans the chance to customise their very own race car and test their luck on the virtual track. The NASCAR Mobile Playoffs AR features two game modes: Practice mode and Game mode. The Augmented Reality game is now available through the official NASCAR mobile app. 

Read the full article: NASCAR Create Mobile Augmented Reality Racing App

Monday Calendar

Monday: See Artist Jonathan Yeo’s Studio In Augmented Reality

Artist Jonathan Yeo has developed an Augmented Reality app, which is an innovative and creative use of AR that gives users a unique opportunity to glimpse into the artist’s working methods. The immersive AR experience is built on the Unity 3D game engine which showcases multiple forms of capture in a new and innovative way.

The extensive level of detail in the model studio lets the viewer explore in an extremely satisfying ‘doll’s house’ mode by placing it in their own space. Using simple but effective UX design it can be rotated, re-sized or refreshed with one click or swipe. Alternatively, it can be toggled into a ‘full-scale’ mode where the viewer is transported inside the space to engage with the portrait sitting and other pieces of content as if actually in the room.

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Tuesday Calendar

Tuesday: Experience Ancient China With Rokid Augmented Reality Glasses

Visitors of the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City in Hangzhou, China will be able to experience the newly declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in Augmented Reality with the Rokid Glass 2. 

Instead of looking at still displays, visitors can experience an innovative and immersive interaction with the Neolithic Liangzhu culture through Augmented Reality. Beginning October, visitors are able to witness and interact with scenes from the past which come to life with the power of Augmented Reality through wearable devices.

Read the full article: Experience Ancient China With Rokid Augmented Reality Glasses

Wednesday Calendar

Wednesday: VR/AR Global Online Event Begins

The VR/AR Global Summit Online is an online conference, brought to you by the VR/AR Association. The event connects the best virtual reality and augmented reality solution providers with companies in enterprise, media entertainment, healthcare, education, retail and other industries. 

The theme of the latest event is “adaptability,” demonstrating how companies are embracing new technologies to keep business moving. The event has over 200 speakers, brands and exhibitors including Southern Co, BP and the PGA Tour and features VR/AR exhibits and talks which showcase the practical and real-use cases from the immersive industry as well as new product launches from HP and other companies.

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Thursday Calendar

Thursday: Google's New Search Tool With Augmented Reality

Google is expanding their AR offering, with the latest addition to Google Search’s new augmented reality tool. Viewers are now able to have an immersive journey around the world to see the wonders of the world from the comfort of your own home.

Eventually, Google plans to expand their landmarks to offer 37 cultural heritage sites which will be available as interactive 3D models seen through a smart device. Landmarks include Edinburgh Castle, the moai statues of Ahu Ature Huki on Easter Island, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the Maya pyramid of Chichén Itzá in Mexico.

Google’s Augmented Reality tool is rapidly expanding to cover everything from animals and dinosaurs to the skeletal system and even Apollo 11. Simply type in the subject you're looking for in Google Search and immersive yourself in the Augmented Reality 3D animations.

Read the full article: See The Wonders Of The World In Augmented Reality With Google's New Search Tool

Friday Calendar

Friday: Ubimax Update ‘Frontline’ Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform

Ubimax, provider of Augmented Reality solutions and wearable computing has recently announced the release of their Augmented Reality based enterprise productivity platform ‘Frontline’. 

Ubimax considered industry requirements around increased IT security and centralized user management. The first of the new Frontline 3.0 features comes in the form of two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as an improved identity and access management including Single-Sign-On (SSO) via the customer’s company directory.

Another key feature of Frontline 3.0 is the introduction of mobile-native apps for iOS and Android to strengthen the platform’s hardware-agnostic approach beyond just smart glasses. The new release also offers an enhanced version of the integrated remote support AR solution xAssist. Finally, a new design interface of the entire Frontline platform allows for an optimized user experience.

Read the full article: Ubimax Announces Update To Its ‘Frontline’ Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform

Oct 2, 2020
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