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In The Spotlight is [nofollow]8th Wall, a cross-platform development solution for building AR experiences with their brand new, first-of-its-kind Curved Image Target technology. 

Who Are 8th Wall? 

[nofollow]8th Wall are an award winning cross-platform development solution for building Augmented Reality experiences that run on the mobile web and iOS/Android applications. The company believes that Augmented Reality is for everyone and is breaking down the barriers between the digital and physical as well as bridging the development gap between iOS and Android, so that anyone can experience the magic of AR, no matter what device they’re on.

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Image Credit: 8th Wall

8th Wall’s dream team of computer vision engineers, designers and tinkerers at the helm, care deeply about creating the tools for creative developers to make no-compromise immersive content for everyone to enjoy.

Curved Image Targets

8th Wall’s launch of its new developer tool ‘Curved Image Targets’ made 8th Wall the first and only development platform with tools to create web-based augmented reality experiences which can interact with cylindrical and conical-shaped objects such as coffee cups, bottles, cans and more.

Previously, cylindrical objects have always been a challenge for image tracking frameworks, making for more clunky experiences with flat creative elements being tracked to curved items. The Curved Image Targets update from 8th Wall has completely changed how brands can utilize augmented reality, making it an incredibly sought after feature for industries like FMCG and Food & Beverage. 

Web Based Augmented Reality 

The Curved Image Targets tool expands upon 8th Wall’s existing image target functionality, which previously was only designed for flat shapes and surfaces. However, with this incredible upgrade, developers can build WebAR experiences on images wrapped around cylinder and cone-shaped objects such as bottles, cans and cups.

8th Wall challenged their team to come up with a list of objects which go beyond bottles, cups and cans knowing that our AR Engine now supports targets that are curvy and this included things like birthday hats, lampshades, candles, traffic cones, lipstick tubes and posters wrapped around poles. 

8th Wall, whose platform customers include industry giants such as Samsung, Heineken and Vodafone, created the new feature to meet the demand from consumer packaged goods brands looking to use augmented reality to engage their customers with their product packaging without the friction of downloading an app. Like all of 8th Wall’s AR capabilities, experiences created with Curved Image Targets require no app to download; users simply click a link or scan a QR code to immediately start the experience.

8th Wall has made developing with cylindrical and conical image targets simple with a target creation flow that doesn’t require object measurements, tools to immediately test targets without the need to print labels and ready-to-go components that use video and 3D to bring curved image targets to life. 

Developers can configure multiple target regions on the same product and can choose to combine flat and curved image targets to track the sides and the flat top and bottom of a cylindrical or conical target. They can also integrate external libraries and APIs such as analytics, real-time data feeds and other machine learning libraries within their experiences to create complex and meaningful WebAR projects.

8th Wall’s Curved Image Targets are now available to customers at [nofollow]www.8thwall.com. New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial of the 8th Wall platform. Existing users can simply log in to get started using the Curved Image Target project template or cloning one of many sample projects from the 8th Wall Project Library.

Oct 14, 2020
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